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Ever wanted to REALLY understand Shakespeare?

Ever wished you could REALLY enjoy the plays to the full?
Ever yearned for a guide that wasn't stuffy or snobbish?
Ever wished you had a very deep understanding of the text?
...Then this book is for you!

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Here's a new study guide with a difference. "What Happens in Shakespeare's King Lear" by Nick Buchanan provides a complete walk-through commentary exploring Every paragraph of this magnificent play.

King Lear TransparentWord definitions are placed right next to the text in which they appear - so there's no ferreting around in foot-of-the-page or back-of-the-book glossaries. The play's major themes are identified and explored and there are charts which indicate key moments in each character's journey, together with a useful guide for playing Shakespeare (for actors and directors).

This guide is for Everyone - for those who love reading, for students - and even those new to Shakespeare. It includes the whole play with Full commentary. So, whether you are a casual reader, an enthusiast, an actor, a director, a scholar or a teacher (in a school, a college or a university) this is the definitive guide to King Lear.King Lear Back Cover

500 pagesPublished in 2013.

Avaiable from any book store (just give them the ISBN 9781-291-635-072) or order online from:

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What Happens in Shakespeare's King Lear