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(Video: 22:00 minutes)
First Broadcast 1 September 2016
Discussing ‘What Happens in Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Interviewer: Professor Séan Street

This return to BAY TV was on the occasion of my second Shakespeare guide ‘What Happens in Shakespeare’s Macbeth’ and I was thrilled to be interviewed by a poet I hold in very high regard, Professor Séan Street. The programme makers allowed the original interview to run for 39 minutes. The version here is the broadcast one which had to fit a slot of 22 minutes. At a later date I will post the full interview on this website with the missing 17 minutes restored.

Professor Séan Street is a poet well worth your time. I wait eagerly for the publication of each new collection and find that his words expand in the mind long after I have read them. Although his recurrent themes are huge in scope - identity, memory, nature, music, language, light and life itself - he always approaches them on a human scale as if to ambush his subject (e.g. a poem about an old 78 record - Shellac - beautifully addresses mortality, legacy, and about how we make contact with that which is ethereal).

He also writes prose and has written two of my favourite books about sound and our relationship to it 'The Poetry of Radio' and 'The Memory of Sound.'

You can find out more about Professor Street and his books here: