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The Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour

(Video: 1:10:38 minutes)

First Broadcast 5 January 2015

Discussing Philip K. Dick and ‘What Happens in Shakespeare’s King Lear’

Interviewer: Anthony Peake

Host: Dia Nunez

Anthony Peake is an author who investigates the scientific efficacy of paranormal phenomena. He has a monthly show ‘Anthony Peake’s Consciousness Hour’ hosted by the delightful Dia Nunez. He invited me to be his guest for the first show of 2015. In this show, we spend the first forty minutes discussing the ideas and work of Philip K. Dick. The second half is devoted entirely to discussing King Lear, Shakespeare and my book ‘What Happens in Shakespeare’s King Lear.’

Anthony has an incredibly encyclopaedic mind. His books are so cutting edge (yet scientific) that many scientists are not yet ready to acknowledge the proofs he presents. He has also written an excellent biography of Philip K. Dick (‘A Life of Philip K. Dick: The man who remembered the future’). His many fine books can be found here